It's time for OutRekt to sign off

7 years ago, I brought together a few incredibly talented and dedicated engineers. I paid them what I could afford at the time: half of what they were worth, a quarter of what they deserved. They were not gamers, they hardly knew anything about Counter-Strike.

A couple of months later, OutRekt was live. It was a magnificent feat of engineering, unprecedented at the time.

Almost immediatly, the website had thousands of users. The community loved OutRekt from the beginning. You valued and praised our work, and have always been patient and supportive...

Since then, my professional situation evolved; OutRekt effectively became my side-project.

I am incredibly grateful to the countless people who offered their help, whether it was to develop the service or to support the business in other ways. But I knew I would always be a bottleneck and it would be unfair to accept.

It breaks my heart that I have never been able to properly invest in this project the energy that it deserved. I have not delivered what I promised to myself and to the community, and I have not justified the support my closed ones have been showing over the years.

Today, my personnal goals, my professional responsibilities, and my health make it even more unlikely that I finally start building momemtum.

With CS 2 around the corner, the task feels even more overwhelming.

Whether you actively helped with this project, supported me while I struggled to maintain it, or have been quietly enjoying it, I want to thank you for being here, and I want to apologize: OutRekt is no more.

June 16, 2023